Ship Agency

We have our own agency to service clients in Sri Lanka. Following are the services offered by us;


For your business purposes, Alphard Shipping will deliver all the following

1.     Ship Agency

2.     Protecting Agency

3.     Husbandry Services

4.     Port of Refuge

5.     Ship Supply

6.     Bunker Fuels

7.     Ship Spares Logistics

8.     Ship-to-Ship Transfers

9.     Weather Solutions

10.   Maritime Security Services

11.   Ship Lay-Up

12.   Manning Services


1.     Contract Logistics

2.     Freight Services & Freight Forwarding

3.     International Moving

4.     Land Transportation

5.     Project Logistics

6.     Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics

7.     Warehousing & Distribution


To focus on your core business, the easiest way is to leverage the logistics and distribution services to a reputed company and that is where Alphard Group comes in to help you out on the following ways;

1.      Mooring Master Services

2.      Offshore Support

3.      Towage & Barge Operations