Atria/Alphard: Ships

We have our own agency to service clients in Sri Lanka. The following are the services offered by us:


For your business purposes, Alphard Maritime services will deliver all the following:

  • Ship Agency: Includes several services that are to be carried out before, during, and after the operation of the ship.
  • Protecting Agency: We provide shipping agency services to the shipowners: charterers, time charterers in situations where the conflict of interests exists, or anticipated from the shipping agent.
  • Husbandry Services: Hips husbandry or ship husbandry is all aspects of maintenance, cleaning, and general upkeep of the hull, rigging, and equipment of a ship.
  • Port of Refuge: Port of refuge is a situation wherein a vessel has to be diverted to a port because of an emergency which has made it unsafe to sail further.
  • Ship Supply: We deal in supplying required commodities for a shipping vessel and its crew.Bunker Fuels: Bunker fuel is the generic term given to any fuel poured into a ship's bunkers to power its engines.
  • Bunker Fuels: Bunker fuel is the generic term given to any fuel poured into a ship’s bunkers to power its engines.
  • Ship Spares Logistics: We provide ship spares Logistics for freight forwarders involved in the transportation of marine parts, 24 hours a day.
  • Ship-to-Ship Transfers: Ships like oil tankers and gas carriers carry a huge amount of cargo in bulk which not only have to be unloaded in just one port but at different ports. Even some carriers like VLCC and ULCC which are massive in size do not berth in port or jetty for discharge operation due to drought restrictions. In such condition ship to ship transfer is utilized.
  • Weather Solutions: We understand the information requirements of shipping operations and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs.
  • Maritime Security Services: Maritime security is concerned with the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, or terrorism.
  • Ship Lay-Up: The term laid-up ships means ships, which are temporarily idle due to lack of cargo or which are temporarily phased out of commercial operations.
  • Manning Services: Minimum safe manning is the level of manning that will ensure that a ship is sufficiently, effectively, and efficiently manned to provide: safety and security of the ship.


  • Contract Logistics: Contract logistics involves outsourcing of resource management operations to a third party company.
  • Freight Services & Freight Forwarding: Freight forwarding is the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another.
  • International Moving: International movement of marine cargo.
  • Land Transportation: We also help with land transportation of cargo.
  • Project Logistics
  • Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics
  • Warehousing & Distribution


To focus on your core business, the easiest way is to leverage the logistics and distribution expertise of a reputed company and that is where Alphard Group comes in to help you out in the following ways;

  • Mooring Master Services
  • Offshore Support
  • Towage & Barge Operations

Our Clients

We have served and/or serving following major clients:

GBM (Shapoorji Paloonji Group), Oman

Star Cement, UAE/Bahrain – Aditya Birla Group

Al Hassanain, Bahrain

CMC, Qatar

United Ready Mix, Qatar

GPMC (end client QPMC), Qatar

Sea World (end clients Hyundai)

Rocks and Aggregates