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Ransomware: File extension .WNCRY not to open

A massive global ransomware cyber attack by the name “WannaCry” has affected computers across several countries, including India on Friday night. This virus infects individual computers with a malware that blocks access to all data on the system.

How Does the Malware Work?
“WannaCry” works by encrypting all the data on a computer system by appending '.WNCRY' to the file extensions. The malware then displays a window informing users that their files have been encrypted and that they can be recovered only after the computer user/owner agrees to pay a ransom.

Although, all attachments with the extension name “.WNCRY” have been blocked in our settings, it is important that we share this critical information with you.

You should be aware that most ransom-ware attacks come in the form of an email attachment and you  should exercise extreme caution when opening email attachments. Never open an attachment in an email you were not expecting to receive or that you do not recognise the sender. You should use the same caution when presented with URL's that you do not recognise or came from an unknown sender. 

With today's advanced ransom-ware techniques you only have to visit a website to become infected with ransom-ware. Let me make that clear. You DO NOT have to click anything on the website to infect the company with data encrypting ransom-ware.