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Fourth attack on a vessel underway off Nigeria in less than two months!

In the early hours of April 7, 2018 a speed boat with armed pirates boarded a bulk carrier underway off the coast of Nigeria as reported by The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB).
The incident happened 41 nautical miles (nm) south-southeast of Brass.
An alarm was raised and the entire crew rallied to the ship’s citadel. The pirates boarded the vessel and opened fire on the ship’s equipment and accommodation. Before escaping they stole cash and property.
The Navy sent a unit to board the ship and escort the vessel to a safe port following the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre liaison with the Nigerian Navy.
All crew members were reported to be safe.

Earlier this year on February 24, Pirates attempted to board a container ship while it was underway 50 nautical miles (nm) south of Bonny Island.
Three weeks later, on March 16, at 36 nm off Bonny Island a general cargo ship was boarded by armed pirates. Also, a tanker off Bonny Island came under fire from a speed boat the same day.

All waters in and off Nigeria and in the wider Gulf of Guinea has been announced to be seen as dangerous. Vessels are advised to keep strict lookout.
The latest attack, and other recent examples, prove the importance of security on board to tackle such unfortunate incidents.