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Indonesia, armed robbers board bulker in Anchorage


There have been two reports of robbers boarding vessels off Indonesia.

In the most serious incident three robbers armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier at Merak Anchorage in Banten Province.

The incident happened during the hours of darkness early on May 20.

As reported by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) the robbers threatened a crew member, entered the ship’s engine room, stole ship’s spares and escaped.

The other incident occurred off the Indonesian island of Great Karimun, some 30 kilometres southwest of Singapore.

The IMB report said six robbers boarded a tanker while it was underway. The time was shortly after midnight, also on May 20.

They were spotted by a crew member and the ship’s master raised the alarm.

The robbers fled and are believed to have left empty-handed.


Thieves regularly target ships in Indonesian ports and anchorages.

They board ships either alone or in gangs and generally operate at night. They are often armed with knives.

It is rare for crew members to be assault and in most cases intruders flee when confronted.

Ships are advised to use patrolled-anchorages whenever possible and to maintain heightened vigilance both while underway and at anchor or at berth.

Reported by North and Gray Page