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[11th March 2017], Capt. Radhika Menon honors her presence at our Alphard Maritime’s Mumbai Office. We all know of her from the ceremony which took place at the IMO – International Maritime Organization last year. Yes, she is India's first female Merchant Navy captain to be awarded by the IMO for her exceptional bravery in the dramatic rescue of seven fishermen from a sinking fishing boat in tumultuous Bay of Bengal waters last year.

When she received her medal and certificate of commendation at the awards ceremony held at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters this is what the unpretentious women had to say, "I am honored and humbled by this great honor for me and my team. It is a seafarer's duty to help souls in distress and I did my duty. Seafaring is a noble profession which contributes massively to world trade and economy as well as cultural integration. It does not always get the recognition it deserves."

She spread tons of inspiration into each and every one by sharing her story and wisdom.
Alphard Group can’t thank her enough for granting us for the portentous presence.