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5 Points to Consider When Preparing for Safety Equipment Survey on Ships
5 Points to Consider When Preparing for Safety Equipment Survey on Ships

Life is precious off and onboard! Safety assumes paramount significance in the maritime industry. Much care and caution need to be observed onboard as a ship is prone to many mishaps and taking every required precaution is a must for a safe and smooth journey. There are several protocols involved and various safety equipment that need regular maintenance to avoid untoward incidents. A planned maintenance schedule is usually in place and must be followed stringently.

Every notable conglomerate has such a schedule in place or uses the service of industry veterans to ensure overall safety and security onboard. Alphard Maritime is one such name in this space that offers complete vessel care. Some of the vital points that the experts suggest must get covered include

The Lifeboat, The Lifeline Onboard: Checking and renewing the lifeboat and it’s equipment is a must.This should include repainting the written information, lowering the lifeboat, checking it’s movement and taking the necessary overhaul exercise. The Davits of the lifeboat also needs to get regularly de-rusted, repainted, and greased. Additionally, the crew should be well-trained and instructed on the operation of the lifeboat.

Check the Lifejackets: All the lifejackets onboard must get regularly and rigorously checked. If there are any faulty jackets, then they need to get replaced on a priority basis. Similarly, if any oversized or undersized jacket requirement arises, an order must get placed promptly. Besides, the whole crew should get the necessary training on wearing and removing lifejackets.

Inspect the Handheld Radios, Lifebuoys & Smoke Signals: The handheld radios must be in working condition and the crew should be aware of the battery backup and operation. Likewise, the regular inspection of lifebuoys and the overhaul is vital. The lights and batteries must get replaced if they are expired, and as per the vessel safety plan, place the lifebuoys in right locations. Earmarking the site of the lifebuoys is also crucial for clarity reasons.

Scrutinize the Fire Control Systems: It is essential to check and conform to the fire control plans. Test the smoke detection systems regularly. As part of this overhaul, examine the fire pumps, hoses, nozzles, extinguishers, and couplings. All alarms should also get tested and the fireman’s outfit should be in a functional state.

The Other Important Checks: With the above checks and balances, it will help to check the pilot ladder, pyrotechnics and inflatable liferafts. Additionally, some ships have some other checkpoints too like the IG system, piping of the fixed fire fighting system, deck foam and sprinkler system.

Whether you need ship management or pre-purchase survey or audit, rely on the expertise of Alphard Marine professionals. The master mariners and chief engineers can conduct a pre-purchase investigation that includes ISPS audit, ISO certification, navigational audit, and MLC internal audit. Other than the audit services, the group company Antila Marine offers tankers, dry cargo vessels, offshore support vessels and coastal cargo transport vessels management. For day to day and long-term fleet needs, let the Antila Marine specialists guide you. For more information on vessel management, contact the team and ensure smooth operations in high seas always with complete and perfect audits and surveys.