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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cargo Shipping Company
5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cargo Shipping Company

The world today is a global village. There is a seamless transfer of goods and products taking place across the globe from one continent to another. The possibilities of cargo export all over the world are endless. Among the various cargo modes, one of the oldest, most reliable, and perfect means of transporting heavy and bulk goods is the sea freight. Shipping remains the lifeline of the global economy, and the ever-increasing demand of seaborne trade stands as a testimony of its reliability and accessibility. According to the International Chamber of Shipping, “the international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of the world trade.”

Are you planning to join the league of those who use maritime shipping as the medium for sending critical shipments? Is choosing the right cargo shipping company becoming a constraint? Well, enumerated below are some things you can consider for refining and making your decision.

Due Diligence on the Cargo Shipping Company: Freight forwarders are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of companies offering services in international waters too. However, it is vital to carry out a complete due diligence on the shortlisted shipping companies. A fully compliant one will have its registration and licensing, and you can easily compare. Such a company will also be able to provide its NVOCC number and mostly gets allied with AMSA, FIDI, and RIM, which are some reputable associations with which high-end movers try to affiliate.

The Kind of Services Offered, Container Sizes & Capacity: Every company offers different cargo loading services, and it will help if you inquire during the preliminary research. There can be door to door shipping or dock to dock. Along with the kind of cargo services offered, you can also know about the different vessel and size options. Some specialise in heavy and dry product shipments, and others help with perishable goods. The ones offering perishable goods service have special temperature-controlled containers, which get referred to as “reefers.” However, irrespective of the nature of goods, a professional shipping company should pay careful heed to packaging. It is essential to protect the products against rust and corrosion as the overall environment is that of humidity and salinity.

The Tracking Tools & Price Quotient: The maritime industry has been upgrading itself with the newest technological advances. Even though it is one of the oldest means of ferrying goods, it is continually improving and adapting to new changes. So, settle for a company, which is up-to-date and can offer online cargo tracking tools or provide regular updates via email. Some maritime companies may levy an additional charge for such services. Price is a priority for every business and an influencing factor in making the decision. It is vital to know the precise costing before signing on the dotted lines. Usually, the ocean carriers suggest the pricing according to the size of the shipment, which gets determined by cubic metres. However, there can be additional charges like customs examination fees, insurance costs, and more.

Industrial Standards & Safety: When shipping items overseas, it is crucial to adhere to specific domestic and international laws and industry standards. It will help if the shipping company you choose takes care of all these laws and regulations and has a sound network across the globe. You also need to check if their vessels encountered any safety issues in the past and have all the necessary safety certifications in place.

Crisis Management: The risk of incidents of piracy and robbery within waters of sovereign states cannot get ruled out. Thereby, it is vital that you sign-up the contract with a reliable company, which can put its best foot forward in the event of any crisis. They should illustrate a level of urgency and attention and provide alternative arrangements to mitigate any delays. Reliability, compliance, expertise, customer service, and crisis management should be some of the things you need to consider before you choose the shipping company who will take on the vital task of shipping your goods globally. A reliable and notable industry veteran is the Alphard Maritime group. It is one of the leading maritime shipping and logistics company in the GCC and Indian sub-continent region. Owning one of the largest Tug & Barges fleets, you can rely on them for transporting rocks, clinkers, sand, gypsum, cement, concrete blocks, pipes, and steel. There is also a special team working extensively on maritime security. Catering to several clients successfully across business verticals, connect with the team to get more significant insights and competitive quotes.