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Heavy Hauls

Shipping is already a pretty complex business, but the complications just increase with the size of the cargo. Shipments that are legally and apparently manageable can be transported using traditional procedures and the chances of any obstacles are minimal. But everything changes when you have to ship out huge loads. Now while there can be many intricacies that can create hindrances, being well-prepared and accurately informed is always beneficial. Now that you have stumbled upon the right article, read on to know better about shipping oversized loads.

Heavy Hauls, as the name suggests, are the shipments that are heavy and require special trailers and vehicles to manage the extra weight. Likewise, oversized or over-dimensional loads are the shipments whose size and dimensions are more than the legal limits. These oversized loads need special equipment, trailers, and permits to ship from one place to another.

So let’s look at the specifics; shipments that are considered to be oversized are –
Wider than 8.5 ft, and they usually do not fit well on the bed of the vehicle carrying them.
Oversized loads or heavy hauls can include anything from heavy machinery to be for industrial purposes, large vehicles and most of the aeroplane parts also qualify as oversized loads as they are wider than the vehicle carrying them.

Despite all the challenges, oversized shipping loads are possible if you get everything right and be prepared for every obstacle. Read ahead to ensure you get everything right –

  1. Hire the right shipping company: The first and foremost is to hunt down the right shipping company to pull this off. You have to ensure the company you choose is reliable and reputable. You can research the similar projects this company has executed in the past & how efficiently they managed to do it. Finding the right shipping company like Alphard Maritime is going to eliminate most of your hassles. So that was first & the essential step, find the right shipping company.
  1. Get accurate measurements of your shipment: Shipping oversized cargo is a big deal and even the slightest mistakes can cost you time and money. Getting your measurements accurately is vital in the heavy hauls as it can affect factors like permits, routes to be taken, types of trucks to be used. A difference of even a few inches can disturb your shipping operation. Therefore, ensure you measure your shipment accurately and convey every detail clearly to your shipping company. Provide height, length, weight, breadth, pictures, diagrams, and detailed descriptions so that your shipping company can prepare well for the shipping operation. 

3. Figure out loading and unloading the shipment: Given the tremendous size and weight of the shipment, you need to consider how you are going to load the shipment on the trucks before they depart and the unloading part once they reach the destination. More or less, you are going to require big cranes or forklifts to execute the loading and unloading of the shipment. Contact the crane operators in advance and share the shipment details with them to avoid any delays.

4. Plan everything in advance: A shipping operation of this scale involves investment and you need to make sure everything goes right. Planning ahead of time is crucial, you need to confirm the smallest of details and assemble everything and person you will be needing. You might need to confirm on special equipment like flags, turning lights, straps and ropes to tie the shipment, protective tarp to keep the shipment covered etc. Double-check on the transport routes and ensure you have all the permits in place. Align everything well-before time to execute the operation precisely

5. Stay in close contact with the shipment receiver: Once all the preps are in place and the placement is ready to hit the road, stay connected with the shipment receiver. Communicate every detail and status of the shipment from time to time to ensure reliability. Confirm on the delivery location properly and convey all the unloading details to the receiver.

With detailed planning, seamless coordination and precise execution, oversize shipping can be successful. Now that you are aware of the basics, you need to get into the intricacies, sketch out all the possibilities and plan everything with sheer precision. The heavy hauls are your pathways for a heavy success, make the best of it!