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Offshore Construction, The Benefits & Struggles

The construction industry has been in a boom ever since urbanization is growing at paces no one imagined. The art of construction has been one of the most important and most challenging parts of modern society. Not only are the number of construction projects multiplying but even the types of construction have been evolving. Offshore construction is one such type of construction that kicked open the door for a plethora of new opportunities. Yes, the challenges are bigger in scale but so are the benefits. Let us look at the benefits and struggles of offshore construction.

Offshore Construction:

Offshore construction simply means installations and facilities built away from the shore. This can cover a wide range of facilities like oil refineries, bridges, wind farms, subsea pipelines, etc. It is because of the blessing of offshore construction that we get valuable resources like oil, electricity & gas. The complexities of the offshore installation depend on which resource the structure is made to extract or transmit. Concerns and benefits for the different kinds of offshore constructions are different. Most of the time, the entire structure is built onshore and transported offshore to make the process easier.
Let’s see some advantages offshore construction has to offer:


Increased efficiency: Offshore construction has boosted the efficiency of trade in many ways. A great example of this would be the wind farms in the oceans produce more electricity due to the stronger winds of the oceans. Another big cost-saving happens due to gas pipelines, they help save a lot of money when compared with onshore transportation.

New Job opportunities: The boom in offshore construction has significantly generated abundant career opportunities. This field is one of its kind, presents a challenging job, that requires a unique set of skills. But due to the nature of and difficulties of this job, it’s a well-paid & high reputation job that will present you with bigger and better career opportunities.

Location Flexibility: A tremendous amount of money and energy resources are utilized in the transportation or transmission of the required resources. And if your client is located far away from you, it’s even worse! Offshore construction offers you the possibility of installing the offshore structure near your client’s location to save the cost of transportation.

Environment-friendly: Though this advantage isn’t safely justified yet, offshore construction can surely help reduce pollution levels, and human intervention on onshore natural ecosystems. There is still a lot of research to be done on the effects of offshore construction on offshore ecosystems.

Struggles of Offshore construction:

Building process: Like we mentioned previously, the process is simplified by building the structures onshore and transporting them to the site of installation. But even that has its share of intricacies. Building such huge structures and transporting them across oceans is a big task. Thanks to some latest technologies, the process is becoming less tedious. Constructing a whole new offshore structure at the sea is a whole another struggle.

Retaining control: For projects that are located so far away, keeping the track of every detail of the project becomes difficult. Strong communication systems need to be established from the site of construction to the offshore control center. The station manager needs to be closely connected with stakeholders to keep the construction process on-track.

Harm to the environment: You heard it right! Offshore construction might be good news for onshore construction but the larger effects of offshore construction on marine life are yet to be known. Therefore, it is recommended to do a thorough study of the impact on the environment, before an offshore construction project is started.

Offshore construction, despite all the struggles involved, is a crucial part of the modern world, and many of our day-to-day equipment are powered due to these projects. Offshore construction  is a rapidly growing field, and in the coming years, it’s headed for new heights!