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The importance of shipping in the transportation industry

Safe and efficient means of transportation is the most vital element for any business to thrive. In today’s world of urbanization, rapid growth in technology and industries, transportation of goods from one place to another is of paramount importance. Now when it comes to transportation, there are many alternatives a business or a company can choose from, like airways, roadways, railways, etc. but if you are wise enough, the best medium to opt for will always be waterways. Maritime shipping has a plethora of benefits that can help you grow your business in a safe & economical way. Here are some points that will articulate the significance of shipping in the transportation industry –

1. One of the biggest transportation mediums: Did you know that the shipping industry accounts for a whopping 90% of the world trade? Many brands and companies are opting for shipping as their primary means of transporting goods for the extensive array of benefits it has to offer. Today it’s the most popularly used mode of transportation.

2. Always relevant: Usage of ships to haul goods from one part to another has been done for thousands of years by humans. With every passing time, shipping just got smarter and faster. It’s been used in the past, it’s used at a different scale today and it will be something new altogether in the future. Today, over 55 000 cargo ships are active, carrying cargo of different types like construction material, food-grade, raw materials, etc.

3. Here are some facts about the shipping industry that will blow your mind:
– There are nearly 20 million ships voyaging across the ocean right now. If we made a queue of these ships, it would stretch across half the planet.
– The engine of a container ship can be about 1000 times more powerful than a typical family car.
–  The amount of distance these maritime vessels travel each year is huge. If we compare, the distance a cargo ship travels in a year is the same distance for travelling to the moon and back.
– Shipping containers have a huge capacity. When compared, you can fit about 8443 shoeboxes

4. Environmentally friendly: Compared to all other mediums to transport goods including roadways, airways, and railways, maritime shipping causes the least amount of pollution. It’s high time we actively take decisions that will benefit the environment in the long run.

Above all, maritime shipping is not only economical but also the safest way to transport goods across countries. Shipping is bound to grow and head towards a bright future. In the transportation industry, the significance of shipping is unmatched and so, companies continue to prefer shipping their goods through waterways. Choose a professional and seasoned company like Alphard Maritime for shipping your cargo globally. A good shipping partner is precisely what you need to excel in your business.