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Dry Cargo Chatering
Dry cargo chartering business by Alphard Maritime

The shipping industry is growing rapidly. Huge amounts of cargo are being transported from one corner of the world to the other. In fact, shipping takes up 90% of the world trade.

What is Dry Cargo Chartering?

A cargo shipped that is dry, solid, and not in a liquid or gaseous state is called dry cargo chartering. Dry Cargo Chartering can include goods like iron ore, fabrics, rocks grains, steel, & other cargoes that are dry, and solid. When these dry commodities are shipped in bulk, it is called Dry Cargo Chartering.
With over 3 billion tons of cargo shipped each year, the necessity of reliable, optimal, and proactive Dry Cargo Charterers is increasing. Companies that want to ship their goods these days are looking for much more than a partner who will fulfil their requirement. In a competition so tight, companies want their Dry Cargo Charterers to be able to provide a detailed plan, with seamless communication, prompt updates on shipping status & imbibing tactics to enhance efficiency.

Alphard Maritime is a leading player in the Dry Cargo Chartering game. Athena Shipping is Alphard’s division for managing Dry Cargo Chartering services. Athena was founded in 2017 and has global offices in countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Athens, India. Alphard’s division for Dry Cargo chartering has excelled in all the projects it has undertaken. Athena Shipping has extended its services to a wide array of clients and handled some of the biggest projects. They have shipped over 12 million tons of cargo to date, globally.

With the perfect amalgamation of skill and experience, Alphard is able to provide Dry Bulk Chartering that precisely aligns with the client’s expectations. Moreover, these services are supervised by Alphard’s master mariners and expert marine engineers to ensure everything goes smoothly. They haul all kinds of dry bulk commodities like grains, steel, coal, iron ore & more.

There are 2 basic ways of Dry Bulk Chartering with Alphard –

1. By Voyage: When you choose the ‘Voyage’ option, that means you pay the freight rate according to metric tonnes of dry bulk you are shipping from point A to point B. This includes all the necessary supplies and fuel for the voyage.

2. By Time: You can choose this option when you have to charter a vessel for a longer time. The freight rates are charged according to the time. Even this option includes all the basic supplies and fuel to be used for the voyage.

Companies are pivoting towards reliable and efficient Dry Cargo Charterers. With Alphard Maritime’s technical prowess and reputable track record, you would be making a clever choice.
Get in touch with them for a seasoned, customized, and trust-worthy Dry Cargo Service.