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UTG/NDT Services by Alphard Maritime

The modern world is evolving fast. We are headed towards a technologically advanced future, especially when it comes to the maritime industry. Means and methods of maritime operations are changing rapidly. But some traditional and vital things remain constant i.e. the need for absolute safety and compliance with all the safety regulations. While there are multiple ways to ensure safety, doing thorough inspections for any possible damage, leaks, or faults in the structure of the vessels, the most commonly used technique is Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM).

It is crucial to perform all the necessary testing and safety inspections before the vessel departs from a port, to ensure a smooth voyage. Even the smallest undetected fault or damage to the vessel can lead to unfortunate disasters. UTG/NDT testing is one of the most important inspections when it comes to maritime shipping. Essentially a non-destructive way of checking for any faults, failures, damage or leaks in the hull or structures of the vessels. This form of testing can effectively act as a preventive measure, to avoid accidents or any other damages to the vessel.

Each maritime operation involves numerous human lives, tons of cargo worth huge sums of money & the vessel itself. The slightest negligence can sacrifice it all, which is why it becomes very important to choose a seasoned and reputable partner for performing UTG/NDT services on the vessel. New technologies allow technicians and marine engineers to increase the efficacy of these tests and derive precisely accurate results so that corrective measures can be carried out.
Choosing the right company to facilitate UGT/NDT services is just as significant as actually getting these tests done & hence, pick a global maritime services brand like Alphard Maritime.

Alphard Maritime is a reputed name in the maritime industry. They have been providing maritime services and logistics solutions for more than a decade and continually deliver quality service. Alphard is a one-stop solution for all your shipping or logistic requirements. You can save the hassle of finding multiple service providers for different services and just get in touch with Alphard for a trust-worthy and excellent service. 
UGT/NDT was Alphard’s first maritime service when the company was incepted in 2009. For years, Alphard has offered UTM services for analyzing the thickness of hulls and NDT services to check for any damage or leaks to different kinds of vessels and even pipes and other maritime structures. The UGT/NDT experts have tested all kinds of vessels including LNG, LPG, Oil/Chemical tankers, bulk carriers, passenger ships, rigs, and support vessels. Alphard’s UGT.NDT Service is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2004 certified and has respectfully earned approvals from all major classification societies. Over the years, Alphard has extended its services to some of the biggest commercial projects on a global level.

There is no place for ignorance when it comes to safety. To ensure there are no hiccups in the voyage and the complete safety of the vessel, crew, and cargo, opt for UGT/NDT services by Alphard Maritime.