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Services by Alphard Maritime
Services provided by Alphard Maritime

The Maritime business is booming! Big projects and companies completely rely on maritime trade. Companies today need a maritime services partner that is efficient, reliable, and proactive. The competition in the maritime world is becoming tighter as new maritime companies are entering the business. But the ideal choice of a company will always be to choose a one-stop maritime services company that can cater to every requirement they have by closely working with them through every situation.

Alphard Maritime is just the maritime company you require to excel in your business. Alphard has a diversified portfolio, a set of services that will cater to all your maritime and logistic needs.
On top of that, all departments of the company are managed by master mariners and seasoned marine professionals that ensure all client expectations are met efficiently and cost-effectively.
Read on to know in detail about the services offerings of Alphard Maritime –

1. Main/Offshore Shipping Services –

Offshore shipping services are one of the biggest shipping requirements in the current time. Alphard’s offshore shipping services division was launched in October 2015. For half a decade, the Offshore services team of Alphard has catered to various projects for a plethora of clients. Alphard owns 18+ Tugs and Barges with a bollard pull ranging from 22 – 64 metric tonnes. Our team of experts has been successfully able to deliver over 4 million tons of cargo in the Persian Gulf.

2. Dry Cargo Chartering Services –

Dry Cargo Shipping involves shipping of dry bulk commodities that do not involve anything liquid or gaseous. Alphard’s Dry Cargo Chartering division was started in 2017 and has since carried out some of the biggest projects globally. Alphard provides customized cargo-hauling solutions as per the client’s needs. Alphard has moved more than 12 million tons of cargo to date. We are committed to delivering efficiently without any compromises on safety.

3. Commercial Diving Services –

The submerged part of the vessels often needs maintenance or repair work. Alphard’s commercial diving services cover a wide array of services. The professionals of underwater diving at Alphard can effectively deliver services like Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, Tug Inspections, UWIL Survey, etc. Alphard’s diving managers have extensive experience of more than 25 years and know every in and out commercial diving.

4. UGT/NDT Services –

UGT/NDT services were one of the most initial sets of services Alphard extended to their clients in 2009. This involves Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement of ship hull and ship structures to ensure there are no leaks or damage to the ship. This is one of the most important preventive services that Alphard offers. Alphard’s professionals have hands-on knowledge and experience of doing non-destructive tests on many kinds of vessels including bulk carriers, LNG/LPG tankers, passenger ships, rigs, support vessels, etc.

5. Radio & Survey Equipment –

Communication safety is vital while heading out on a long voyage. The vessel needs to be closely connected with the on-shore sites for support and navigation. Alphard’s Radio & Equipment services test all radio and communication-related equipment on the vessel to ensure seamless communication is maintained. We provide a ‘service on request’ for our clients, striving to align our services to their expectations.

6. Ship Inspections –

Before a vessel departs from the port, it’s crucial to perform all the essential inspections to avoid any accidents or dangers during the voyage. Alphard’s ship inspection team has experience in executing vessel inspections on a variety of ships. They are led by leaders with immense expertise to ensure no fault, failure or damage goes undetected.

Alphard Group is your go-to maritime company that commits to delivering a service that provides value and meets all client expectations. We are a reputed and proactive maritime company, happy to tailor our services according to your specific needs. Now you don’t have to find different maritime partners for different services, just get in touch with Alphard Maritime!