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Ship Inspection services by Alphard Maritime

Considering the global demand for shipping and maritime services, many companies have joined the game. With the rapid growth in e-commerce trade, operations for dry cargo fleet has increased tremendously, vessels are carrying numerous tons of cargo from one part of the world to the other.Voyaging to the mercy of oceans, with such bulk cargo […]

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Dry Cargo Chatering
Dry cargo chartering business by Alphard Maritime

The shipping industry is growing rapidly. Huge amounts of cargo are being transported from one corner of the world to the other. In fact, shipping takes up 90% of the world trade. What is Dry Cargo Chartering? A cargo shipped that is dry, solid, and not in a liquid or gaseous state is called dry […]

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The Importance of Underwater Inspections

The need for underwater inspections can be critical. The main objective of these inspections is gathering visual evidence for any damage including cracks, water seepage, or a complete collapse of the surface. If these defects go undetected and unresolved, it may lead to catastrophic outcomes. Inspections can be done at regular intervals to keep in […]

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The importance of shipping in the transportation industry

Safe and efficient means of transportation is the most vital element for any business to thrive. In today’s world of urbanization, rapid growth in technology and industries, transportation of goods from one place to another is of paramount importance. Now when it comes to transportation, there are many alternatives a business or a company can […]

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Brief Introduction on Radio Equipment and Survey

Voyaging across oceans to make ends meet is the ultimate goal of maritime trade. May the reason be for the import-export of goods, for off-shore constructions, commercial diving purposes, or any other reasons, staying closely connected with onshore stations is crucial.Communication between vessels and on-shore radio sites should remain intact for a smooth voyage. In […]

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What Industry experts speak about the Future of Shipping and Maritime Services

The Maritime industry is changing rapidly. With urbanization and technological innovations bearing roots deep in every sector of the society, the quality and quantity of shipping goods globally have highly improvised. In fact, experts believe that the industry is at a pivotal stage, a dawn of new age in the maritime shipping and logistics industry […]

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Why choose Alphard Maritime Services?

Maritime operations are evolving day by day. Shipping has become one of the biggest industries to drive the world economy. About 90% of the world economy is driven by the shipping industry. Shipping goods from one country to another, according to client expectations, without missing the deadlines is the need of the hour. Not just […]

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Reasons why post-COVID-19, freight-forwarders will increase market share

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us at the dawn of the year, economies across the world were running smoothly. But the impact of this crisis affected not just a few countries or continents but was felt across the globe. We have seen some of the biggest dips and surges in the world economy since the […]

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Overview / Types of Shipping Containers

The shipping industry is among the biggest industries in the whole world. In fact, about 90% of the world economy is driven by shipping. With thousands of container ships hauling tons of cargo across the globe, shipping makes an essential segment to keep the fabric of trade strong.Companies have various shipping requirements, for goods of […]

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Basics of Dry Cargo Chartering

The horizons of the shipping industry are constantly expanding, with huge amounts of cargo being transported from one place to another. Maritime shipping constitutes 90% of the world economy.With growing demands all around the world, the need for better, more efficient shipping services is increasing. Dry Cargo Shipping is one of the biggest sectors of […]

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