Alphard Maritime: Maritime Security - West Africa & HRA

Alphard Maritime: Maritime Security – West Africa & HRA

ALPHARD MARITIME is managed by Master Mariners and Security Specialists. Our offices are located in Singapore, India, London, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria and the U.A.E offering a global perspective from which we provide bespoke security maritime services to all our clients. We are fully compliant, accredited and associated with all the shipping and relevant regulatory bodies like IMO and ICOC-PSSP, using BIMCO GUARDCON. We are also certified with the new ISO 28007-1:2015 which covers our Security Management Systems and ISO 9001:2015 which certifies our ability to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients.

The company is helmed by experts with a broad spectrum of professional and highly relevant experience across the various maritime sectors. Experts like Capt. Ajit Ojha (Operation Director), Mr. Jos Chakola (Head of Security), Capt. K.S. Bhatty (GM - QHSE) and Mr. Eamon Dolan (Training Manager & Security Specialist) bring in a wealth of experience to the organization. This team brings high levels of shipping & relevant experience to enhance our clients experience at sea and ashore.

We have a strong track record and a client list of over 300 companies, protecting more than 1000 merchant vessels (EXXON, BP, Anglo-Eastern, MOL, V Ships, Fleet Management, Columbia, Executive Ship management). We also provide maritime security services in West Africa which includes operations from/to Lomé in the highly dangerous Gulf of Guinea Piracy HRA - (High Risk Area).

Alphard’s Security service to clients combines the above set of elite personnel’s in our management structures and applies our experience to provide a cost effective maritime product. We offer a highly competitive rate based on a detailed risk assessment and a tailored client focused product whilst maintaining the highest adherence to industry standards.

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Ø  Approved by EXXON (through Clients)
Ø  ISO / 28007-1:2015 certified
Ø  ISO 9001
Ø  Have provided Armed Security Services to vessels carrying cargoes of other Oil Majors e.g. BP, TOTAL.
Ø  Approved by Panama Maritime Administration.
Ø  Worked with most other Flags States.
Ø  Worked with all P&I Clubs.
Ø  In the white list of CATLIN (an Insurance company).
Ø  Compliant with IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1443 (IMO Guidance for PMSC).
Ø  Thorough Recruitment and Training procedures as per Best Industry Practices.
Ø  BIMCO GUARDCON used as standard contract with our clients.
Ø  Professional Indemnity of USD 5,000,000.
Ø  Public Liability Insurance of USD 5,000,000.
Ø  Employers Liability Insurance of USD 5,000,000.
Ø  Group Accidental Insurance of USD 250,000.
Ø  Successfully audited by major ship management companies – as per Oil Major Standard.
Ø  Intelligence Reports (including vessel Risk Assessment, 24 hour monitoring, intelligence and weather forecasting during transit).
Ø  Audited by third party - National Security Inspectorate, UK.
Ø  Signatory to ICOC-PSSP.
Ø  Both UK and non-UK teams with strong military/ maritime experience.
Ø  Own Agency in Sri Lanka - to assist clients for all agency jobs e.g. vessel inward/outward clearance, crew change, connect stores/spares).
Ø  Operated by Master Mariners and Security Specialists with firsthand knowledge of piracy, shipping and Oil Major Requirements.

Our Security Teams
We take great pride in our operating procedures which incorporates a very stringent recruitment process whereby our Guards undergo a thorough check including, minimum 5 years’ service in military or navy, physiological and psychological medical test (e.g. ENG1 for UK guards), 4 Basic STCW’95 courses, medical training, Criminal Record Checks (shall be within 6 months), previous employer testimonials/reference checks, Ship Security Familiarization/DSD/SSO/CSO course and face-to-face interviews. Ship Security Familiarization ISPS awareness course or Ship Security Officer Course or Company Security Officer Course or Port Facility Security Officer course and all of our PCASPs undergo annual Drug & Alcohol Testing and Psychometric Testing (personality Based)

We focus on helping our clients get a secure transit in the HRA Region.

Intelligence and Risk Assessments
Alphard Maritime understands that Risk Assessments are a critical element of any counter-piracy solution. With our dedicated 24 hours Operations Department, we closely monitor all relevant sources of intelligence for information that will assist in the protection of our clients. Alphard has invested in the right personnel who are able to interpret the data for the elements which are intrinsic with operational success. The detailed Risk Assessments are the output of this correlation of data that Alphard produces, which is very useful for every transit our teams undertakes. We provide tailored Intelligence Analysis reports which is collected and scrutinized from multiple reliable sources to provide our clients with a dedicated and effective view of any possible threats. We provide with the below;
- Intelligence Reports
- Vessel Risk Assessment
- Data Analysis
- 24 hours Monitoring
- Intelligence and weather forecasting during transit

Embarked Security Teams
Alphard Security has highly efficient operating procedures. Our Staff members include some of the sector’s leading security trainers and education specialists. These Staff members work hard to provide our clients with the best maritime experience. Our systems incorporate a rigorous and thorough recruitment process. Each security officer undergoes a detailed pre-employment background check and assessment. Once recruited, the team members undergo our own designed in-house training programs to assess them better.

All procedures included in the company manuals are subject to both internal and external verification by means of Auditing and Inspection. They are reviewed annually by the management. The working language on board the ship is English as it is Global language of communication and the same is used in all our procedures.

Alphard Security believes in investing time and resources into training their Security guards. No security guard/officer is allowed to handle a firearm without undergoing a Weapon Handling Training Course. The guards go through various psychological and physical tests before being allotted any firearm. These firearm instructions course covers not only weapon handling (including safety, marksmanship & tactical use) but also instructions for different circumstances a weapon may have to be used. These instructions are certified and licensed from relevant professional instructors. 

Alphard Security is well-known for providing professional training in accordance with ISO28007-1:2015 Standards. Our team training includes the below parameters:
- Anti-Piracy Training Course (APTC)
- Maritime Security Team Leader (MSTL) only for Team Leaders
- Weapon Handling Training Course (WHTC)

24/7 Operational Service Support
In the Maritime world, time is money and every second is precious. Alphard Security understands this and has a dedicated Operations Centre with experienced staff providing 24/7 coverage to our clients; enabling us to respond to all their requirements pronto.

- Alphard has its own fully dedicated Control Room to monitor and respond to any incident
- 24/7 support team of experienced and knowledgeable staff
- Alphard operates in its own Agency in Sri Lanka to assist clients for all agency jobs
  (e.g. vessel inward/outward clearance, crew change, connecting stores/spares etc.)

Crew Training
Alphard has its own training team that offers a wide range of training for all types of clients. It offers courses that can be tailored to specific client requirements and operating procedures. These courses range from Crisis management to Crew awareness training. All of our Security Officers have undergone respective training by our training staff. A full list of our training courses is also available on request.

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