Antila: Commercial Ship Management - Wet/Dry/Offshore

Antlia has in-house team that manages Dry, Offshore and Tanker commercial management.

Antlia also has its presence as Wet Operators in UAE for all kind of oil and chemical tankers.

Presently we are doing commercial management of small and medium size tankers out of our Dubai office.

Through our extensive network, we have been providing continuous business to Ship owners with back to back cargo carriage in the region.

Our  team  consisting  of  Naval  Architects,  Marine  Engineers  and  Master  Mariners  providing technical  and  commercial  consultancy  services  for  various  projects such  as  Lay  up  service, Reactivation from Lay-up, New Building Supervision, Dry-dockings worldwide for Ships.

Our team works to reduce the dry dock repair costs without compromising on the quality of the work through extensive planning and optimize implementation.