Atria/Alphard: Ship

We have our own agency to service clients in Sri Lanka. Following are the services offered by us; 

For your business purposes, Alphard Shipping will deliver all the following:

1.     Ship Agency
2.     Protecting Agency
3.     Husbandry Services
4.     Port of Refuge
5.     Ship Supply
6.     Bunker Fuels
7.     Ship Spares Logistics
8.     Ship-to-Ship Transfers
9.     Weather Solutions
10.   Maritime Security Services
11.   Ship Lay-Up
12.   Manning Services


1.     Contract Logistics
2.     Freight Services & Freight Forwarding
3.     International Moving
4.     Land Transportation
5.     Project Logistics
6.     Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics
7.     Warehousing & Distribution


To focus on your core business, the easiest way is to leverage the logistics and distribution expertise of a reputed company and that is where Alphard Group comes in to help you out on the following ways;

1.      Mooring Master Services
2.      Offshore Support
3.      Towage & Barge Operations