Alphard Offshore: Diving

We have been successfully carrying our Diving & Underwater services since a year now. Our diving managers & Supervisors are commercial divers with over 25 years of diving experience, who add extensive amount of value to our client's needs. Following are our Core strengths;

·         We have our own dedicated Dive boats which are fully equipped (Alphard 7, Alphard 16, Alphard 25 and Alphard 34)

·         Equipped with our own DIVING SPREADS on board which requires NO loading time

·         A Panel of 3 Diving Men with Surfaced Supplied Air which are provided for the working diver

·         2 TV screens for Diving supervisor to monitor the diving activities carried out on each boat

·         1 TV screen for Client representative in a cabin with air conditioning and comfortable seats to watch the diving work for any kind of inspection

·         We have our own HPU and pair of powerful brush cards from Piccard

·         Special Brushes for use on Silicon Paint

·         4 KMB band Mask 18 to tackle Hull cleaning – CCTV inspections & Propeller Polishing to Rupert “A” grade

·         HSE part 2 certified Diving Supervisor with over 1000 dives logged

·         HSE part 1 certified Lead Diver

·         Dedicated diving operational team to manage from on shore

·         Class approved with ABS, LR, DNV-GL, NKK, BV and for In Water Survey inspection (UWILD) we are in process to get approval with IR, KR, and RINA

·         Always finding ways to improve our services with client`s detailed feedback

·         Tug Inspections, maintenance & salvage in water removal of wire chain and line from running gear

·         Class (UWIL Inspection) and vessel inspection, maintenance, salvage, pressure/patching and shipping

·         Hull cleaning of any kind of fouling condition (laid up)

·         Loss Anchor search (Anchorage & OPL)

·         Bow thruster cleaning and polishing

·         Side sonar scan and recovery

·         Cutting & welding services

·         Propeller polishing

·         Sea chest cleaning

·         Hydrographic surveys