Sea-Pro: Smag/Peiner Middle East Representative

Sea-Pro Engineering, a sister concern of Alphard, is Middle East representative for leading Lifting Technology company Smag/Peiner.

Sea-Pro Engineering posses ISO 9001, 14001, & 18001 accreditation.

Peiner as is the leading manufacturer of motor grabs and is world renowned for durability and high  productivity in its products with over 30,000 grabs  delivered and currently operating throughout the world.

Peiner  develops  and  provides  our  clients  with  grabs  which  they  can  rely  on  it  for  various applications.

Sea-Pro  specially  design  and  manufacture  grab  /  spreader  for  concrete  blocks  for  marine construction.

Sea-Pro also offers after sales support to our clients and has a state of art workshop in Jebel Ali.